8 Idols Who Were Victims Of Terribly Cruel Pranks

When the jokes went too far.

Idols seem to love a good prank, and fans have a particular fondness for their haunting jokes. We’ve seen a lot of pranking in the K-Pop world and while they are often funny, sometimes they can be taken too far and are just plain mean.


1. Red Velvet’s Yeri

When Yeri was in the sixth grade, the EXO boys decided to play a joke on her. It was her birthday but they told her to go in a dark room and have a timeout.


She even cried because she was so afraid! But it turned out it was all part of a surprise birthday party for her.


While the prank may have been mean at first, Yeri actually said it was one of her happiest memories!


2. Girls’ Generation

Back when they first debuted, they went to perform at a school. They entered the auditorium and began performing but the students all looked bored. When the performance was over the students started booing and hissing and Girls’ Generation looks pretty upset. Then the host of the show reveals it was all a hidden camera prank.




The same prank that was played on Girls’ Generation was also played on SISTAR. However, their prank was a little more intense. The host interrupted their performance a couple of times to try and get the students to react positively but nothing seemed to work. When it was revealed that it was all just a prank, Soyou broke down in tears. It wasn’t quite the fun and games that everyone was expecting.



4. GOT7’s Jackson

On Roommate, Jackson was tricked into thinking that his mother was flying from Hong Kong to see him at GOT7‘s showcase. Seo Kang Joon kept asking him if he was excited to see her and if he missed his mom. After he gets really excited, Lee Guk Joo walks in and they reveal it was all a joke. He was absolutely heartbroken that his mom wasn’t really coming.



5. Sechs Kies’ Kang Sunghoon

Sechs Kies decided to play a cruel prank on Kang Sunghoon during a CF commercial. They pretended there was an accident on the set and even went so far as to pretend that Eun Jiwon had passed away. Kang Sunghoon was visibly shaken and distraught, and when the members finally revealed it was a prank, they had to console him.



6. BTS’s Jungkook

In 2013 on Jungkook‘s birthday, the BTS members and their manager decided to prank him. Right after finishing practice, they told him he was doing everything wrong. After a heated discussion, they finally reveal it was all a prank and Jungkook broke down in tears!



7. VAV’s Ayno

Before Ayno was a part of VAV, he was known by the name Yoonho and participated in the show No.Mercy. While on the show, he was pranked by #GunMONSTA X‘s Hyungwon, Shownu, and Minhyuk. He witnessed the boys getting into a serious fight and #Gun started to blame him for some of the issues they were facing. The prank got really serious when Hyunwon drags #Gun out of the room. Ayno was completely fooled and was flabbergasted when the boys revealed it was a joke.



8. DMTN’s Simon

Before his debut, Simon participated in a show called Humiliating Flower Boys. In this particular episode, Simon was blindfolded, threatened, insulted, and restrained. What was supposed to be a scare type prank turned into a 2-hour ordeal that many people believed went way too far.