8 Idols Who Believe They Know Who They Were In A Past Life

Before being a K-Pop idol, these stars had the most interesting past lives!

These idols answered the question, “Who were you in your past life?”


1. OH MY GIRL Arin

OH MY GIRL member Arin said, “I was probably a really quiet person like I am now. I probably worked at a cafe.”


2. MXM Donghyun

MXM member Donghyun said, “I would have been really quiet. I probably didn’t have a lot to say.”


3. OH MY GIRL Binnie

OH MY GIRL member Binnie knew exactly who she was. She was a prince!


4. NCT Doyoung

NCT member Doyoung could care less that his fellow teammates think he was a bunny. He said, “I was a prince.”


5. Lee You Jin

Actor trainee from Produce 101, Lee You Jin didn’t hesitate a single second to answer he was a technician.


6. JBJ Yongguk

JBJ member Yongguk said he was probably a cat. He said, “People think I’m a lot like a cat. So I was probably a cat in my past life.”


7. Samuel

Samuel said he was a monkey. He thinks it’s because he has always been so playful!


8. OH MY GIRL Seunghee

OH MY GIRL member Seunghee said she was probably a chicken, using her voice like she is now!

Source: 1BOON
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