8 Idols Whose Chic Visual Vibe Is Very Different From Their Actual Personalities

Their visual vibe and personalities are so different!

Some idols have such chic visuals, that people are often intimidated by them or think that they give off an unapproachable vibe. But they couldn’t be more wrong! Here are 8 idols who look very chic, but their personalities are so very different!


1) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo


BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is the group’s official visual, which has often been equated to a Korean princess’s beauty! Despite her regal visual power, however, she’s the funniest and most adorable idol around!



2) NCT’s Lucas


When NCT‘s Lucas debuted, he made fans go wild with his visuals! But as soon as he was introduced, fans found out that his visuals and personality were extremely different from each other! While his visuals are chic, he’s a extremely funny person who loves a big, loud laugh!


3) Red Velvet’s Seulgi


Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is famous for her charisma and talent, and her very chic visuals! But contrary to her chic visuals, she’s actually the softest and most adorably lost sweetheart, suiting her nickname “Seulgi-bear” very well!


4) Hyuna


Hyuna has reigned as the sexy queen of K-Pop for a long time now! But along with her sexy image, fans also know her to be a total cutie who’s the complete opposite of what her onstage persona shows her to be!


5) Monsta X’s Joohoney


Monsta X‘s Joohoney is the group’s main rapper, who’s known for his mysterious aura and charismatic visuals. But fans know that when Joohoney’s being himself, its totally different from what his visuals portray! He’s a big softie who love this fans, and his aegyo is legendary!


6) Girls Generation’s Yuri


Girls Generation‘s Yuri is a visual goddess! Ever since her debut, she’s wowed fans and non-fans alike with her classy beauty and talent! But fans also know that Yuri’s personality is a complete 180 from what her image is, and she can even be titled very aptly as a meme queen!


7) BIGBANG’s G-Dragon


BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon has made a name for himself as a talented singer, rapper, dancer, producer and designer, and is also complimented for his “dangerous” visuals! With a charismatic stage presence, he’s known for his bad boy vibe, but that all disappears as soon as he smiles! G-Dragon’s actually a big softie who’s actually very shy, and also loves to laugh!


8) EXID’s Hani


EXID‘s Hani is well known for her sexy image and gorgeous visuals! But while her visuals are extremely chic and charismatic, her actual personality is extremely adorable! She loves to laugh and scares easy, with meme-worthy reactions!