8 Idols Whose Unique Eyes Earned Them Special Nicknames From Their Members & Fans

Eyes are the window to the soul.

Every idol has unique eyes that fans fall in love with. These eight stars, however, have eyes so special that their fans and fellow members have created nicknames around them.

1. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi is nicknamed “10:10” because the angle of his eyes reminds people of the time 10:10 on a clock.

2. I.N (Stray Kids)

Stray KidsI.N has such big pupils, one of his old nicknames was “Devil” because the whites of his eyes disappear when he smiles.

3. Eunbi (IZ*ONE)

In interviews, IZ*ONE’s Eunbi often introduces herself as IZ*ONE’s “Sparkly Eyes”. When you look at how brightly her eyes twinkle, it’s easy to see why.

4. Gyuri (fromis_9)

While on Idol School, fromis_9’s Gyuri earned the nickname “Puppy Eyes” because of how much she looks like that one smiling puppy meme.

5. Yein (Lovelyz)

Lovelyz’s Yein is nicknamed “Deer” or “Elk” because her big, round eyes remind everyone of a pretty doe.

6. Seoyeon (fromis_9)

Fromis_9’s Seoyeon naturally has dark circles under her eyes, which earned her the nickname “Sleepy Head”.

7. Jisoo (Lovelyz)

Lovelyz’s Jisoo earned the nickname “Fennec Fox” in part because of her wide, foxlike eyes.

8. Taeseon (TRCNG)

Thanks to his big eyes, TRCNG’s Taeseon once revealed he’s been nicknamed “Frog Leader”.