8 Inspiring Quotes And Scenes From SEVENTEEN’s “Left & Right” You Might’ve Missed

They were pretty clever inserting those scenes.

SEVENTEEN puts their hearts into every song they make, wanting to touch their fans’ hearts and inspire them just as much as they inspire the group. They carry that into the making of their music videos as well.

In their recently released music video for “Left & Right”, the empowering and upbeat track has some equally inspiring quotes and scenes hidden throughout the music video. Here are eight you might’ve missed.

1. Effort Matters

At the start of the music video, half of the members are in position, ready to take off in a race. While all the members’ names are listed on the boards in the background, the sign above it all held the most important message: “DO YOUR BEST.”

The results of the race weren’t what mattered, especially since Seungkwan was the only one to actually race. Despite what anyone else does, it’s essential to focus on your own journey. If you’ve done what you’ve set out to do, that’s all that matters.

2. Double Meanings

After taking off, Seungkwan stops running when he spots two signs. They motivate him to keep going when he’s ready to give up. The first says, “The early bird catches the word.” If you’re going to accomplish something, it’s best to be prepared and get a head start to achieve it.

Similarly, the second message says, “Youth can change everything.” While being young comes with not knowing what the future holds, that also gives the power to change whatever the outcome will be and shape it to what you want to achieve.

3. Overcoming Pain

While sitting around a blazing fire, Wonwoo throws a book into it, setting it aflame. Although it seemed like something he was merely trying to destroy, it brought attention to the title of the book: Turn The Pain Into Power.

By throwing it into the fire, it symbolizes reaching the point where all the pain they’ve experienced had been used as fuel for positivity. Don’t wallow in the pain and suffering you’ve dealt with, use those negative emotions to push you forward.

4. Have Fun

Even though the phrase “DO YOUR BEST” appeared earlier in the music video, it appears once more as Dino dances with the rest of the performance team backing him up. While the first appearance centered on the importance of personal effort, the second symbolizes that it’s completely fine to let loose and have fun.

5. Everyone Needs Help

Standing in the middle of a street with cars zooming past him, Jun holds up a “Help Me” sign to signal for someone to save him from a dangerous situation. No matter who someone is, there will be a time where they need help. Because of that, they’re letting you know that it’s okay to reach out and ask for it.

6. Make Your Own Way

Throughout the music video, the group was surrounded by tons of signs pointing left or right, claiming there was only one choice between the two directions. To break through and make his own path, Joshua turned those signs so they pointed up.

You don’t have to follow what people are telling you to choose. There’s always the option to create your own path. On the flip side, it can also be interpreted to mean that any path you choose will push you forward.

7. Don’t Take Everything Personally

During a brief scene, Mingyu walks in front of and latches onto a fence for a cool effect. If you slow it down, there’s a sign right in front of him. In orange and black, it cautions, “WARNING: BEWARE OF FEELINGS.

Since feelings and emotions are natural, they can’t be avoided. With the inspiring message of the song, that’s not the purpose of the sign. It’s a reminder that everything shouldn’t be taken so seriously—especially to the point where it harms your well-being.

8. Don’t Let The Fear Of Failure Stop You

Following Joshua’s act of creating a new path, S.Coups got into a car and took off into the air like a rocketship. Not too long afterward, it crashed and burned. Even so, S.Coups crawled out of the wreckage and danced as if nothing happened.

Even if going your own way doesn’t pan out the way you expected, don’t let it get you down. Get up, dust yourself off, and keep trying. Stay positive by using those failures to guide you in the right direction.

Check out the fun yet inspiring music video and see if you can spot the meaningful scenes.