8 Korean Romance Films Every K-Drama Fan Must Watch

Korean film producers have released a ton of stellar quality films throughout the years, but here are a few notable romantic movie projects that continue to tug heartstrings up until now. 

1. Architecture 101 (2012)

This was the film that catapulted miss A’s Suzy to stardom and it was the melancholic love story between the lead characters Uhm Tae Woong and Han Ga In that received blockbuster success. Architecture 101 is a film about two former lovers reminiscing on their love and heartbreak as they build Ga In’s dream project. 

2. The Classic (2003) 

If you ask a fan of Korean movies about the best romantic films, The Classic featuring Son Ye Jin and Jo In Sung will always be included. The film follows the similar love stories of a mother and daughter and is told in large part, through flashbacks.

3. A Werewolf Boy (2012) 

A Werewolf Boy focuses on Park Bo Young’s developing relationship with an orphaned, wild boy played by Song Joong Ki. Anticipation for the film was so high it went straight to #1 on the day of the movie’s release. Did you know that an alternate ending was revealed through the director’s cut version of the film? 

4. A Moment To Remember (2004) 

If you’re looking for a tearjerker, then look no further than A Moment To Remember. Released in 2004, the film tells the touching tale of a love story tested when Son Ye Jin gets diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

5. An Ode To My Father (2015) 

This romantic drama received numerous awards at various year-end ceremonies in South Korea. It is a story about a first love that is tested by the changing times of after the Korean War. It was the first film set to hit the 10 million mark since Haeundae in 2009. 

6. A Millionaire’s First Love (2006) 

If reminiscing about your first love is what you’re after, this film with Hyun Bin and Lee Yeon Hee should do the trick. Prepare your tissues though for a twist you’re not expecting. Fun fact: TVXQ actually sang the film’s famous song, “Fly Away”.

7. Pure Love / Unforgettable (2016) 

Pure Love is a film about love and friendship as told through a handwritten letter that arrives on a live radio show 23 years later. The film features a stellar cast including EXO’s D.O, Kim So Hyun, Yeon Jun Suk, David Lee, and Joo Da Young

8. One Step (2017) 

One Step tells a melancholic tale with a musical twist. Sandara Park plays the role of a struggling musician who loses her memory due to an accident. Thanks to Han Hae Suk’s character, she’s able to regain her memory through music.