8 K-Pop Groups That Have The Most Beautiful “Flower” Choreographies, According To Fans

Their intricate, gorgeous “flower” formations will leave you mesmerized!

K-Pop is well-famed for its gorgeous choreographies, and idols are known to make any and every choreography work like a charm! Here are 10+ GIFs of the most beautiful “flower” choreographies from 8 groups that have fans absolutely charmed!


ASTRO’s totally killing this adorable choreography!


2. BTS

BTS manages to work in this little flower detail in their impressive, knife-like choreography!


3. HyunA

HyunA is the “FLOWER SHOWER” queen, and her choreography is proof!



WJSN is known for their intricate formations that add even more beauty to their stages!



SEVENTEEN is another group that is well-known for their highly-skilled choreographies, and they’re killing the “flower” choreographies with perfect execution!


6. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl is famous for their dreamy, elegant concept, and “flower” formations work really well into their stages!



GFRIEND is the queen of hard-hitting choreographies, but this “flower” choreography detail really lends to them a soft and sweet elegance!



IZ*ONE debuted with “La Vie en Rose” in 2018, and immediately stunned with their intricate “flower” choreography! They’ve since incorporated it into many other dance formations, and they slay each time!

Source: The Qoo