8 K-Pop Groups Who Fans Think Deserve Their First Win ASAP

They deserve their #1 trophy!

There are currently so many K-Pop groups active, and each are absolutely amazing in their own right! Some groups have amazing discographies, choreographies, outfits and a lot more, but end up losing out due to tough competition or other factors. Here are 8 K-Pop groups that fans believe totally deserve a first win ASAP!


Fans believe PENTAGON are way overdue for their first win! The group has bops like “Can You Feel It”, “Shine” and recently released, “Dr. Bebe” that they believe were all contenders for a first place trophy!

Listen to “Dr. Bebe” here!


2. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is another group who fans believe should have gotten their first place trophy a long time ago! The group has an amazing discography, including “What”, “Piri” and recently released track “Scream”.

Listen to “Scream” here!



KARD debuted in 2016, and fans were extremely hyped for their debut, and believe they should get their first win soon! The group has released some great songs, including “Oh Na Na”, “Dumb Litty” and most recently, “Red Moon”.

Listen to “Red Moon” here!


4. fromis_9

fromis_9 was formed by the survival show Idol School, and fans believe that this group is another group that should get their first win ASAP! The group’s discography includes “Glass Shoes”, “Love Bomb” and “Fun!”

Listen to “Fun!” here!



HINAPIA is a group that consists of 4 former Pristin members, who re-debuted as HINAPIA along with the addition of one more member in 2019. As the group just debuted a few months ago, fans believe they still have a very good chance, and hope the group gets the recognition they deserve.

Listen to their debut track “DRIP” here!


6. gugudan

Fans believe gugudan is a group that should get their first win soon! The group’s discography includes “Wonderland”, “The Boots” and “Not That Type”.

Listen to “Not That Type” here!


7. Weki Meki

Weki Meki is another group that fans really believe deserve a first win! The group has a fun and varied discography, including “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”, “Crush” and “Dazzle Dazzle”.

Listen to “Dazzle Dazzle” here!



ONEUS is a rookie group, but fans are hopeful that they will receive their first win soon! The group debuted in January 2019, and have since released three singles, “Valkyrie”, “Twilight” and “Lit”.

Listen to “Lit” here!

Source: Reddit