Here Are 8 Stunning Visual K-Pop Idols With The Name “Yoona”

All these gorgeous women share the same name!

Our favorite K-Pop idols all have names we fall in love with, and though some of them even share the same name, they individualize their names with their own charms and unique features! Here are 8 K-Pop idols who share the name Yoona/Yuna, and stun fans with their visuals and talents!

1. Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

Perhaps the most well-known Yoona on this list, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona is known to be the ultimate visual-center idol in K-Pop! Born Im Yoona, her beauty is legendary, and she’s also famous for her skills as a dancer, along with racking up accomplishments as an actress too!

Yoona | @yoona__lim/Instagram

2. ITZY’s Yuna

ITZY’s Yuna is the group’s maknae, and is well-loved among netizens for her unreal visuals! Born Shin Yuna, she’s known as the happy virus of her group, and brings happiness to everybody with her bright smile and bubbly personality!


3. Brave Girls’ Yuna

Brave Girls’ Yuna (born Lee Yoona) is also the maknae of her group, and known for being a savage beauty! With Brave Girls making a great career revival last year with their song “Rollin'”, netizens everywhere got to know the members, and love Yuna for being the group’s short-haired member!


4. Yuju (Choi Yuna)

Former GFRIEND member Yuju is an idol known for her explosive, powerhouse vocals and amazing skills in dancing! Born Choi Yuna, she’s currently a solo artist, and is absolutely killing it!

Yuju | @konnect_YUJU/Twitter

5. NMIXX’s Sullyoon (Seol Yoona)

NMIXX just made their debut in February 2022, and member Sullyoon is just about trending daily for her unbelievably gorgeous visuals! Born Seol Yoona, Sullyoon is known for her visuals that resemble TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Sana, and is also loved for her clear, clean vocal tone! Netizens are already falling in love with her, and they can’t wait to see her grow into an artist in the future!

Sullyoon | JYP Entertainment

6. Former AOA member Yuna

Former AOA member Yuna is an amazing vocalist and songwriter, and is a certified yoga instructor as well! Born Seo Yuna, she contributed to AOA’s vocal line with her powerful and distinctive vocal color, and is well-known for her visuals and proportions as well!

Seo Yuna | @yn_s_1230/Instagram

7. Elris’s Bella (Choi Yoona)

Elris’s Bella is a visual queen, known for her small, pretty face and rapping skills! Born Choi Yoona, fans have been loving her visuals, and can’t wait to see more of her!

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