These 8 K-Pop Managers Are So Handsome, They Could Be Idols Themselves

If these hot managers ever want a career change, they could give idols a run for their money.

Most K-Pop managers blend into the background when they’re out and about with idols. However, there are a select few managers who are so handsome, you could be forgiven for mistaking them for boy group members.

1. NCT’s Manager

NCT‘s manager is so handsome, he’s often mistaken for the group’s 22nd member. Many fans have said he looks like the perfect mix of JungwooKun, and Jaehyun.

2. GFRIEND’s Manager

If this tour manager who worked with GFRIEND ever wants a change of career, he could definitely find success as an idol, actor, or model. Unfortunately, since he’s not the group’s main manager, fans never got to see much of him.

3. IU’s Manager

Dubbed “Prince Manager” by the fans, IU‘s manager is so popular that he even gets his own squeals of “Oppa!” at the airport. Alongside his handsome face, UAENAs loved his constant indifferent expression and fluffy hair.

4. GOT7’s Manager

It seems that JYP Entertainment doesn’t only look for visuals in their artists—they must seek out good-looking staff too. After fans noticed how handsome GOT7‘s manager is, they started referring to the group as GOT8.

5. Stray Kids’ Manager

If you thought the Stray Kids members were handsome, just take a look at their cutie manager. Even one of the group’s fansites has fallen for him.

6. Super Junior’s Manager

Super Junior‘s manager is another staff member who fans refer to as “Prince”. Netizens have often said that when he stands side by side with the group, he looks just like a fellow idol.

Super Junior’s Siwon (left) and their manager (right)

7. Girls’ Generation’s Manager

Girls’ Generation went through many managers over the years. With his crisp shirt and dark shades, this manager’s good looks have be compared to G-Dragon.

8. Apink’s Manager

A group as pretty as Apink needs attractive staff to match. This manager is so popular with fans, some have even asked to take a selfie with him at the group’s schedules.