8 K-Pop Merchandise Every K-Pop Fan Should Own (Surprisingly Many Don’t)

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It’s no doubt that one of the biggest excitements of being a K-Pop fan involves buying their stan group’s merchandise. Big or small, rare or easily available, fans really save up for it and makes sure they snag it upon release. Surprisingly, many fans still don’t have these usual must-haves. Here’s a list of the most common items for a K-Pop fan:

1. Official Lightstick

Probably the most important item would be the group’s lightstick. K-Pop lightsticks usually symbolize the fandom and the fan’s connection and support to the group. A clear plus is, all K-Pop lightsticks are unique and pretty!

2. Cheering Slogans

What better way is there to flex your bias and proudly say that you love him or her other than screaming your lungs out while holding out your slogan? Can’t pick a bias? Well, there are group slogans too!

3. Fanclub Membership Kit

Let’s make it official. A fanclub membership is a usual must-get for most fans especially if you live in Korea. Being an official fan club member could mean getting priority during ticket-sellings and being the first-to-know for certain events. Not to mention the kit that comes with these memberships. Worth it.

4. Photocard Binder

One of the most valuable inclusions of a K-Pop album is the idol photocard. Fans try their best to collect all versions so it’s important to have binder to store and protect them.

5. Fan and Picket

Hand fans and image pickets are both functional and pretty so it’s an item that you definitely need in your artillery, especially for concert goers. Use it for both cheering and cooling yourself!


6. Stationery & Desk Items

This is where it gets tricky because you’d want to buy almost everything. Companies are also starting to get more creative and most of the time, they make sure that you’re buying real functional items too!

7. Bags

Bags are for all ages and something you’d definitely want to use and sport during events or a normal day out. Yes, K-Pop can be part of your OOTD.

8. Season’s Greetings

As fans end the year with their beloved groups, they want to continue and start the year with them too. Who wouldn’t want a year-long calendar that features your favorite idols?

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