7 of the Most Memorable Moments of BTS As Shared By Armys

Prepare your tissues, Army.

Armys went on a trip down memory lane and shared stories of their favorite BTS memories under the HT #MemoriesWithBTS. The HT went viral worldwide as armys related what BTS moments captured their hearts the most.

Here are a few of the iconic memories Armys shared on Twitter as their most memorable recollections of BTS events.

1. BTS’s first free concert

During their stint in the TV show American Hustle Life, BTS members were tasked to gather people to watch their concert for free. It was a challenge for them to overcome their shyness and break the language barrier, walk up to strangers and invite them to a free K-Pop concert.

2. BTS 2014 KCON Performance

Still a relatively unknown K-Pop group then, BTS performed as one of the 10 headliners in front of a large crowd of 42,000 during the 2014 KCON. The screams and applause of the audience back then were already early indicators of how big BTS would soon become.

3. BTS’s first ever win for “I Need U”

It was 2015, close to two years after BTS debuted when they scored their first win for their then latest track, “I Need U “. The smiles, the look of disbelief ,and pure joy on their faces are just a few reasons to keep coming back to this moment.

4. BTS wins their first Daesang

In 2016, BTS won their first Daesang as Artist of the Year at the MAMA 2016 Awards. The boys did not expect to win, and as RM thanked army for sticking it out with them, the other members were silently in tears, equally thankful. The group hug after RM’s speech will always bring back a rush of emotions. Relive that winning moment here.

5. BTS at the Grammys

BTS having fun at their first Grammy Awards Night is equal parts wonderful and emotional. Seeing how far they’ve come and how happy they were to be there tugs at every army’s heartstrings.

6. RM’s speech at the UN General Assembly

RM’s speech at the UN General Assembly made every army proud to be a fan of BTS. The “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” campaign successfully uplifted so many lives of Armys facing their own challenges.

7. BTS acceptance speech at the 2018 MAMA Awards

Arguably the most memorable event for every army would be BTS’s acceptance speech for winning the MAMA 2018 Artist of the Year Award. What shocked everybody was when Jin talked about the group considering disbandment earlier that year, which was thankfully ruled out as they signed an extension of their talent contracts with their agency, Bighit Entertainment.

Which among these memories appeal to you the most?