8 Moments Idols Confessed Their Feelings For Another Celebrity

Is it getting hot in here?

These idols confessed their feelings for another idol either too their face or live on air!

1. Block B’s P.O. confessing to Apink’s Bomi

During an episode of Socializing Camp, P.O. was asked which girl from the cast he would want to date.

P.O. seemed nervous to answer, but everyone seemed to already know the answer! People kept commenting that it was obviously someone on the same team as him.

WINNER‘s Minho even said that P.O. couldn’t stop talking about her.

In the end, he announced that he would like to date Bomi! P.O. was so giddy after he confessed, he went to go hide!

2. KARA’s Seungyeon saying she is interested in BTS’s Jungkook

During a radio interview for Youngstreet Radio, KARA was asked if they as seniors in the industry found any juniors attractive.

Seungyeon reacted almost immediately, letting out a squeal.

She was then asked to leave a video message for the junior she was interested in.

She shyly announced that she was interested in BTS‘s youngest member Jungkook! She says that she fell for him when he looked into a camera and winked. As a senior, she said that she is watching him diligently and hopes he can continue to work hard.

3. NCT’s Johnny trying to keep calm in front of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona

During a My SMT interview with Yoona, Leeteuk had revealed that NCT‘s Johnny was nervous for this interview because of his admiration towards Yoona.

Johnny then revealed that he’s been a fan of Yoona since 2008. He then confessed that he will always be a fan and thanked her for being there for an interview. In the end, he couldn’t help but let out an “Oh my God!”

Leeteuk couldn’t keep calm on the side and let out an “OMG!” while Yoona laughed.

4. Somi saying she likes BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

In Sisters Slam Dunk, we saw a scene in which the girls of Unnie are making lyrics. They decided to add the name of a male idol they liked, and Sook suggests G-Dragon.

Somi immediately gets giddy and says that she likes G-Dragon!

She even suggests the lyrics, “How about a guy like G-Dragon?

When one of the members ask if it’ll be alright for her to sing Kwon Jiyoung (G-Dragon’s real name) instead of G-Dragon, Somi volunteers to sing the line instead. It seems even just saying his name makes the girl happy!

5. Jay Park cooly saying he likes SISTAR’s Bora

In an episode of Image Fighter, Jay Park is asked if he had any thoughts of dating.

He mentioned a Bora, but it was unknown at first which Bora he was talking about.

He clarified that it was a member of an idol girl group. When the MC’s kept asking who, he cooly admitted that it was SISTAR‘s Bora!

He even left a video message for her and though he was nervous, he was able to act cool as he did it!

6. BTOB’s Eunkwang thinks Red Velvet’s Seulgi is cute!

In an episode of Happy Together, Eunkwang was asked if there was anyone from a female idol group that he found cute recently.

The BTOB member answered honestly and said that he found Red Velvet‘s Seulgi cute.

When Red Velvet visited the Yang and Nam Show, Eunkwang even called to talk to Seulgi! There, she said that she saw that Eunkwang mentioned her as his ideal type and that she was very thankful for that.

7. Secret’s Sunhwa fangirls over BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

In an episode of Weekly Idol, it was revealed that Secret‘s Sunhwa is a huge fan of BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon! The MC’s even jokingly call her a saesang fan.

She asks if it’ll be possible to set up a phone call with G-Dragon.

The MC’s say that the next time they bump in BIGBANG, she should be more confident and approach him. She quickly states that he is THE G-Dragon and that he is levels above her.

She leaves a video message for G-Dragon, calling him “Yongie-oppa“, a reference to his real name, Jiyong.

8. Samuel saying he likes BLACKPINK Jisoo the most

During a V-Live, one of Samuel‘s labelmates, Feeldog, was repeatedly asking him who his ideal type was while they were playing with a lie detector.

Though he originally denied that he didn’t an ideal type, Feeldog asked him who his favorite female idol was. Samuel shyly admitted that it was BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo!

Feeldog then asked if his ideal type was Jisoo, to which he said yes! The lie detector also proved he was telling the truth.

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