8 Moments That Prove BTS’s Jungkook Is A Total Heartthrob

He’s got our hearts fluttering left and right!

Although BTS’s Jungkook may be the youngest of the group, his actions and thoughtfulness have fans falling head over heels over his charismatic personality! Let’s take a look at some moments Jungkook totally won our hearts!

1. Looking out for his older brothers

Here he is stopping the other members from feeding V something spicy knowing that he can’t eat spicy food well.

2. What a sweetheart

He turns the heater the other way so that fans can stay warm!

He also prepared a mini fan for fans during a fan meeting.

3. The duality

Here you can see him smiling one moment and staring charismatically the next.

4. The fits

Jungkook and neckties…that’s all we’re going to say.

There’s just something about men in black outfits…

…that we can’t help but love!

5. Eye contact

His soft and sweet eye contact when he interacts with fans has all of us holding onto our hearts.

6. BF material

While all the other members are scared of the game…

…we have Jungkook standing there with one hand on the wall looking sexier than ever.

7. Height difference

Just look at that height difference between Jungkook and Halsey!

8. Working out

Watching him flex his muscles while working out is something we can watch all day!

Source: theqoo