8 Moments That Show BTS Jungkook’s Key To Happiness Is A Positive Mindset

Positivity is key.

BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook is truly the ‘happy button’ for both the members and fans as he continuously finds the positive in all situations.

| @shyjmn/Twitter

Even in the worst times, he is able to find the good in the moment. Here’s a list of moments that show how having a positive attitude can bring happiness at any time!

| @shyjmn/Twitter

1.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Although they know just how positive Jungkook can be, J-Hope tried to test him and asked, “What do you think about eating while getting wet from the rain?”

This didn’t phase Jungkook as he answered, “Then I guess our soup will be all you can eat!”

2. A positive mind

Even though it was scorching hot weather, Jungkook happily cleaned the plane. “I like to clean. Let’s get clean airplane.”

He continued to talk to himself with positive encouragement. “Just do it in a happy way.”

He worked diligently, even making sure to clean the top parts of the plane.

Fans couldn’t help but laugh as he cleaned the plane with a huge smile on his face!

3. Finding the good even in the bad

He has eaten a lot of hot dogs backstage for a variety of different shows and although some might not have been that good, he still tries to find something good about it.

“AMA hot dog= the sausage was good, Ellen Show hot dog= the bread was good, Billboard hot dog= the onions were good.”

4. Giving honest helpful advice

During the survival reality show I-LAND, Jungkook gave the trainees genuine advice in doing something while you can. “I hope that you will give your all in something while you can.”

5. Doing what you can in the given environment

Even something simple as not enough space to dry the laundry, he tries to make the best of it. “What can you do, we just have to do what we can in the given environment.”

6. The glass is half full

While the other members are sad that there is only one strawberry, Jungkook thinks of it in a different way. “No, that’s why that one strawberry is precious!”

7. Making every moment special

While the other members are sad that it’s last time they are meeting together, Jungkook lets them know that that is what makes this moment so special. “This moment is the most important.”

8. Happy to be needed

During an episode of In the SOOP, Jungkook reveals that he is happy that the members continue to look for him. “I think it’s a good thing that the members are always looking for me. They’re calling me because I must be of some help. It’s better than you think and it makes me proud.”

This just proves just how powerful finding the positive in any situation can be! His ability to stay positive has helped the group find the good in every moment and cherish all the memories they make together.