8 Music Videos That Start Normal Enough, but Then Things get… Interesting

You’ll have to remind yourself that these are music videos and not a fever dream.

K-Pop music videos are often seen as strange by non fans, but these 8 music videos will make even veteran K-Pop fans stop and say “wait… what?”

1. K.Will – Love Blossom

Your typical “boy is overworked so when his bosses go on a ride he traps them on the ride by killing the ride operator, then proceeds to meet the love of his life and lives happily ever after” story.

2. EXID – Every Night

This video starts at the end, with the girls dancing in front of passed out bodies. Okay… and then we see how we got to that point and, um… a lot of spit is involved.

3. CRUSH – Outside

Crush is too busy working on music to walk his dog, so his dog takes matters into his own hands. Dog owners everywhere beware: if you refuse to take your dog outside it will beat you unconscious, hop on a plane and live it’s best life (with you in the suitcase).

4. gugudan OGUOGU – ICE CHU

At the beginning, you think this is a cute music video ice cream paradise. But then things turn sinister. These girls will stop at nothing to kill these ice cream people; even following them to the hospital to finish the job.

5. N.Flying – The Real

At the start, this music makes you think “Oh, I get it. It’s a metaphor for trying to reel in and catch your dream girl”. Things take a turn when you realize she’s the size of a whale. Things take another turn when the members decide to sacrifice one of their own to her as bate. And, yet another turn comes at the end when the true identity of their “stunner” was revealed.

6. Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette actually starts creepily enough with the girls staring blankly as they lip-sync to the cheerful music. It gets worse, though, when you realize that they’re actually trying to kill each other.

7. CocoSori – Dark Circle

Broccoli is good for dark circles. If you can find a giant muscle man broccoli, even better! Kiss him and steal his youth. You might develop dark circles due to lack of sleep if you watch this video too late at night.

8. gugudan – Chococo

gugudan has a knack for creepy cute music videos. In this video, the gugudan girls are chocolate starved oompa loompas at a chocolate factory. Instead of Willy Wonka, though, their boss is a giant doll that’s always watching. Not frightening at all!

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