8 Original Video Content Series By Idols That You Should Start Watching

Get to know your favorite idols better!

K-Pop idols have started creating their own content just for their fans, and it is one of the best ways to get to know your idols more. In these videos they usually play games, show some behind the scenes footage, and sometimes what they do when they have their free time.

These videos keep fans excited because they get to see different sides of their favorite idols, sometimes even without make-up on, and what these idols do during their down time.

Here are 8 original content by idols that you should watch!


MON CHANNEL is MONSTA X‘s avenue to show their fans various content such as behind the scenes footage, covers, and self-cameras!

2. BLACKPINK Diaries

BLACKPINK has BLACKPINK Diaries where they mostly show behind the scenes content and where they document special memories.


GOING SEVENTEEN is SEVENTEEN‘s entertainment series where they create their original content, mostly involving playing games against each other. The series transitioned from a behind-the-scenes video content to releasing more variety-type of videos.

4. NCT Daily

NCT Daily is a YouTube channel comprising of various video content from the members of NCT. The content varies from behind the scenes content, to what they do in their free time, and even a few videos of them playing games!


ASTRO takes fans on their schedules through ASTRO PLAY where they show fans some behind the scenes content like how they play around with each other when they take breaks during their schedules.


PRISM LOG contains content of PENTAGON‘s hobbies and what they like doing in their free time!

7. Bangtan Bomb

Bangtan Bomb are short videos of BTS‘s precious moments, usually while in their respective waiting rooms where ARMYs are given the opportunity to see the members’ playful personalities.

8. Stray Kids’ SKZ-TALKER

SKZ-TALKER are videos of STRAY KIDS letting their fans in on their conversations, quick games, and whatnot usually during their down time in the waiting room!