8 Pairs Of Celebrities Who Were Friends Before They Became Stars

Their friendships continue even after they have become famous!

1. Jeon So Min & Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk

Actress Jeon So Min and Super Junior member Eunhyuk have known each other since elementary school. The two even went on to the same middle school. On a TV show, Jeon So Min mentioned Eunhyuk’s past, stating “He was such a popular kid at school.


2. Yoo Jae Suk & Lee Seung Jun

Comedian Yoo Jae Suk and actor Lee Seung Jun used to be best friends in high school. The two ended up applying to the same college as well. They were reunited after 26 years after they made their ways into the entertainment business.


3. Song Joong Ki & Ryu Keun Ji

Actor Song Joong Ki and comedian Ryu Keun Ji were elementary school best buddies. Being such childhood friends, they lost touch for a while. But after debuting, Song and Ryu were reunited. Since then the two have built their friendship back up. Ryu visited Song while Song served his military duty.


4. Seo Hyun Jin & Han Yeri

Actresses Seo Hyun Jin and Han Yeri are well known best friends. The two went to middle and high schools together. They practiced ballet together as well. The two have always supported each other throughout their careers.


5. Ryu Jun Yeol & SPICA’s Kim Boa

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol and former SPICA member Kim Boa used to attend the same high school. During a radio interview, Kim explained, “Ryu and I went to the same high school but we were not aware at the time.”


6. No Hong Chul & Jang So Yeon

Comedian and TV personality No Hong Chul and actress Jang So Yeon went to elementary and middle schools together. The two were reunited when No Hong Chul first reached out and said him and Jang are childhood friends. Later, No hosted Jang as a guest on his radio show.


7. Sechs Kies’ Kim Jae Duc & Rose Motel’s Yuk Joong Wan

Sechs Kies member Kim Jae Duc and Rose Motel member Yuk Joong Wan are school friends. Kim mentioned his friendship with Yuk while on a TV program.


8. Song Chang Eui & Lee Ji Ah

Actor Song Chang Eui and actress Lee Ji Ah went to the same middle school. The two were even placed in the same class. Song mentioned, “Lee Ji Ah was the prettiest and the most popular girl in the entire school.” The two acted together in Thrice Married Woman.