8 Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo That Will Make Your Day A Good One

This will turn your frown up side down!

BLACKPINK‘sย Jisoo is always spoiling fans with pictures of herself, and BLINKs just never get used to her visuals. Jisoo seems to become more beautiful with every picture she posts!

Here are 8 selfies of Jisoo that will make your day!

1. Sunny day!

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Jisoo posted a photo of herself outdoors and smiling brightly to make sure you smile too!

2. Dinner date, anyone?

Jisoo posted a photo of her looking like a goddess and served us her visuals, while waiting for her food to be served.

3. Time to eat!

This time, she posted a photo of her about to eat some delicious looking lunch, and it makes our day to know that she is eating well!

4. The No.1 BLINK

Jisoo poses for the camera with BLACKPINK’s ad as her background! She is indeed a true BLINK at heart!

5. Cute & summery!

Jisoo seems to radiate a summer vibe in this photo, and she is the sun!

6. A playful side!

Jisoo shows her more playful yet creative side when she posted this photo of her taking a mirror selfie from the top view.

7. Sweet tooth!

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She shows her love for sweets by posing as if she wants to eat the giant lollipop.

8. Elegant beauty!

Jisoo brings fans along with her to her schedules through the photos she posts! She looks elegant in her outfit and in the neat hairstyle she is wearing.

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