8 Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa With Cats That Will Have You Think Of Getting One

Too much cuteness to handle!

It is no secret that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is obsessed with cats! She even has her own pet cats! Lisa is so obsessed with cats, that BLINKs even think that she herself is a cat!

Here are some photos of Lisa with cats that are guaranteed to make you think of getting one yourself!

1. Lisa giving her cat a kiss!

Lisa showers her cat with kisses to make them feel loved!

2. Lisa cuddling her cat!

As if kisses aren’t enough, she gives them cuddles too!

3. More kisses for the cat!

Lisa can’t seem to stop giving her cats kisses!

4. Taking selfies together!

Lisa shows off her pet by snapping a pic with it and sharing it to the world!

5. More cuddles!

Lisa always wants to make her cats feel loved so she always gives them hugs!

6. Cats make her really happy!

This photo really shows how much Lisa loves her cats she flashes her pretty smile!

7. Lisa showing off her cats!

She loves cats so much, she decided to get more!

8. Playing with cats and Jisoo!

She also allows Jisoo to play with her cats so that her cats can receive more love!