8 Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Loving NCT

Fans love NCT for their playful personalities, generosity, skinship, and so much more!

1. The NCT members love to praise each other.

NCT uses interviews as opportunities to shower each other with compliments.


The members have only good things to say about each others’ visuals, athletic abilities, and talents!


2. The way the NCT members imitate each other.

When the members aren’t singing each other’s praises, they are poking fun at each other’s quirks…




…and hilarious habits!


3. The way they have fun together.

Fans have fallen head-over-heels for NCT’s playful antics!


It’s easy to see how close the members are…


…just by watching them goof around!


4. NCT gives back to their community.

For over a year, the NCT members took time out of their busy schedules to volunteer at Da-Ae Multicultural School.


The members and students enjoyed dancing, eating snacks, and making crafts together.


NCT personally prepared activities that they knew the kids would enjoy doing with them.


For Taeyong, volunteering isn’t enough. After he debuted, Taeyong began to privately sponsor four students. He gives each one a monthly scholarship.


5. Yuta isn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

Some idols shy away from speaking their minds, but not Yuta! In 2015, Yuta talked openly about gender roles on Abnormal Summit.


6. They way NCT interacts with fans.

At fan events, NCT does everything they can to make great memories with their fans. They greet their fans with kindness and enthusiasm…


…autograph personal items…


…perform requests…


…and listen attentively to what their fans have to say.


7. Their skinship.

NCT’s bromance moments make hearts race!


Fans squeal every time they see NCT members hug…


…or, better yet, kiss!


8. Their music!

NCT has three subunits (NCT UNCT 127, and NCT Dream). Every single one of these units produces catchy, mind-blowing tracks, like NCT U’s “Yestoday”…


…NCT 127’s “Touch”…


…and NCT Dream’s “Go”.


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