8 Reasons ITZY Is Gaining Attention For Their Japanese Release “Voltage”

This song is fire.

ITZY‘s “Voltage” marks the release of their first Japanese single. Here are 8 reasons fans are loving the music video for this song.

ITZY’s Yuna, Ryujin, Yeji, Lia, and Chaeryeong | @JYPEITZY_JP/Twitter

1. It goes hard

This song goes hard. Everything about the release has fans praising ITZY.

2. The vocals

The vocals never disappoint. Fans can’t get enough of them, from Chaeryeong‘s bridge…

…to Ryujin‘s sweet voice.

3. The rap

Fans are praising the rap, especially since it’s in Japanese, rather than Korean. Since it’s a foreign language to the girls, it’s that much harder…

…and impressive.

4. Crazy visuals

Besides the music itself, the most obvious reason for the attention is ITZY’s top-notch visuals. They all look amazing.

Yeji had fans excited even before the music video was out.

Lia captivates with her intense gaze.

Ryujin is flawless in her expressions.

Chaeryeong gives her all, including visually.

Of course, Yuna can’t be forgotten! Fans say her visuals are insane.

5. The coordinating outfits

These outfits help bring the whole thing together. They fit the theme perfectly, and add to the colorful sets.

6. The choreo

The choreography, in general, is very good. The thing that fans have pointed out, though, is that ITZY always seems to use elements of time in their pieces. This connection makes it even more interesting!

7. Iconic parts

Fans have already chosen the parts of the song that they are sure will be iconic.

8. It’s ITZY

The entire vibe of the song matches ITZY perfectly. “Voltage” seems to incorporate every ITZY era, and fans believe that fact makes the song that much more perfect.