8 Of Red Velvet’s Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents Of All Time

These stage accidents could be some of the most embarrassing Red Velvet moments!

1. Joy smacks Irene

Joy accidentally smacks Irene in the head during this performance of “Russian Roulette”. The expression on Joy’s and Irene’s faces after the incident show that they were extremely surprised!


2. Irene’s mic

Irene got up on stage without a mic in her hand. After realizing this, she has a look of surprise on her face and continues to look back on the staff for help. She even seeks help from her members mouthing that she doesn’t have a mic. Although embarrassed, she continues her performance for nearly 2 minutes before a staff comes to bring her a mic.


3. Yeri’s mic

Yeri’s mic falls off about 1 minute into their Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” performance. Yeri carefully hides the mic behind her throughout the rest of the performance like a pro but she probably felt a bit embarrassed doing so!


4. Irene’s dance bloopers

Irene experienced a series of small dance bloopers in this performance of “Dumb Dumb”. 


5. Music cutoff

The Red Velvet members experience an awkward moment during this performance when the music cuts off in the middle of Irene’s part.


6. Irene gets lost

Irene gets lost on stage in this performance of “Russian Roulette” and doesn’t seem to know where she is supposed to be. She laughs off the situation and continues the performance with confidence!


7. Joy’s dance blooper

Joy gets a little confused about the choreography in this performance of “Red Flavor” at the SMTOWN Live Concert in 2017.


8. The floor is too hot

Red Velvet faces an awkward situation when the floor becomes too hot due to the scorching sun. They can’t seem to do the choreography to “Dumb Dumb” correctly since that can’t set their knees on the floor!