8 Ridiculous K-Drama Scenes That’ll Have You Saying “WTF!?”

Can you get through this list without laughing your ass off?

1. This scene in Aurora Princesswhere the main character doesn’t want to treat his cancer for the dumbest reasons.

“I don’t want to receive cancer treatment, cancer cells are living things too, I have to live with them together.”


2. This scene in New Tales of Ginsengwhere an old man randomly shoots green lasers out of his eyes.


3. This scene in Lovers in Paris where the entire drama ends with the main character waking up.. and realizing it was all a dream.


4. This scene in Dear Heaven, where a character literally dies from laughter while watching a comedy show on TV.


5. This scene from Everybody Kimchi, which needs no introduction at all.


6. This scene from High Kick 2!, where a happy, comedic sitcom ends with the main characters dying in a car crash.


7. This scene in Maybe Love, where a man finds out that his daughter is someone else’s daughter.


8. And finally, this scene in Secret Love, where the producers tried to make a forceful kiss into something romantic…