8 Most Ridiculous Things That “Fans” Threw In Their Idols’ Faces For Attention

These were some dangerous moments.

K-Pop fans go great lengths to make sure that their favorite idols know the amount of love and support they are getting. That sometimes includes showering them with little trinkets and gifts as souvenirs of such affection. Unfortunately, some don’t quite understand where to draw the line and take it too far. Here are 8 times when K-Pop fans put their biases in danger by chucking things at them on stage.


1. Plushies

While stuffed animal plushies may sound harmless, if thrown from a distance and with force, they can be quite dangerous. And because such “fans” will often aim the plushies at the idols’ faces too, only to get some reaction and attention – it can be a lot more frightening and threatening than it seems.


2. Bras

Some fans toss their bras and undies on to the stage. Aside from the obvious fact that they ruin the aesthetics of the stage and performance, bras can be dangerous as idols can step on them, get tangled in the straps, and/or slip on them.


3. Flowers

Flowers being thrown on to the stage isn’t a K-Pop exclusive thing. While it can be a sign of celebration and appreciation of an excellent performance, single stems of flowers can be risky – because they do have pointy ends. If thrown from a right distance at the right speed, these can actually lead to serious injuries!


4. Fans

Unlike the three previous ones, fans are mostly made of plastic and can really be lethal when thrown from afar. With sharp edges and substantial weight, these fans are too dangerous to be thrown at anyone – especially at the face.


5. Water Bottles

Water bottles, especially containing water, are completely dangerous when aimed directly at the head. Should an unopened water bottle hit an idol in the head or anywhere on the body, it can lead to open wounds, bruises, internal bleeding, concussions, and many more serious potential injuries.


6. Glass Bottles

For very obvious reasons, glass bottles are extremely dangerous. Not only are they hazardous being thrown aimed at a person, they become even more threatening once they land on a hard surface and break into pieces. While some venues prohibit the use of glass in general, some extreme fans will always find a way to sneak a bottle in.


7. Phones

While cellphones don’t have any sharp edges, they have their weight and size and they can cause critical injuries when aimed and hit anywhere on the body.


8. LED Boards

Last, and most definitely the craziest, is an entire LED board. Often used by the fans to hold up supportive messages, these boards are hefty in weight and size, with four sharp corners. Thus, when thrown at a person, they can be simply deadly.

Source: Nate Pann