8 Of Super Junior Heechul’s Most Savage Comments On “Knowing Bros”

Kim Heechul has a talent for savagery.

Super Junior‘s Heechul is known for saying exactly what he’s thinking – and not caring about the consequences, or about being polite! Not only that, his quick-witted thinking and funny insults and comebacks show his comic talent. Nowhere has he showcased his penchant for savagery as much as on the variety show Knowing Bros. Check out some of his most savage moments on the show!


1. When he told Jeon Hye Bin she was ugly.


2. When he said that it was his job to diss his fellow cast members.


3. When he told Hyosung the sexiest part of her body was her double chin.


4. When he didn’t care what Red Velvet Irene’s hobby was.


5. When he told Gain she looked like Chucky the doll.


6. When he told Kang Ho Dong he didn’t do anything worth being paid more for.


7. When he redirected the question of why he was so close to Im Soo Hyang by bringing up Seo Jang hoon’s divorce.


8. When he ruined this moment with Kim Hee Seon.