8 Songs That Commemorate The Sewol Ferry Tragedy

These 8 songs commemorate the Sewol Tragedy.

It’s been four years since The Sewol Ferry Disaster, taking 304 innocent lives.

Here’s eight songs for you to listen to as you remember the victims.


1. “You Whom I Love” by Shin Yong Jae (4Men) and Lee Da Woon

This song was composed by one of the victims, Lee Da Woon. It was found inside his cell phone, and sent to his role model Shin Yong Jae by his family. Shin Yong Jae finished and released the song for him.


2. “Red Light” by f(x)

Lyrics like “when everything sinks”, “warning”, “emergency exit”, “collision” and more are used to criticize the incident.


3. “Stardust” by Kim Dongwan (Shinhwa)

“Stardust” was written by Lee Won Hee, a composer and father to two daughters who were of high school age at the time of the tragedy. He wrote this song while thinking of the victims’ parents’ emotions and it was sung by Kim Dongwan of Shinhwa.


4. “Yellow Ocean” by Cheetah and Jung Sung Hwan

This song was released on Tribe of Hip Hop 2 and encouraged listeners to never forget the Sewol Ferry Tragedy. Not only do the lyrics commemorate the victims but they also heavily criticize the incident.


5. “Still There, Still Here” by Lucid Fall

Lucid Fall wrote “Still There, Still Here” for the students who were rescued and survived. The lyrics are sung by a “yellow butterfly” who wishes for their friends to keep going on.


6. “Stay Still” by Lee Seung Hwan

The song was written with the intention to not only honour the victims but also to tell them that even if the rain falls and the wind blows, we will never forget.


7. “River” by Kim Yoon Ah (Jaurim)

Kim Yoon Ah of Jaurim recalls that when the tragedy occurred she was unable to do anything. The only thing she could do was sing, and that is how this commemoration song was born.


8. “Always Remember” by Tany

The late Tany was the same age as many of the Sewol Ferry Tragedy victims. The song’s lyrics speak of a longing that is never forgotten no matter how much time passes.

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