Just 8 BTS ‘Taejinkook’ Moments That Will Have You Feeling Soft

What’s your favorite BTS ship?

Now we know fans are familiar with all the different BTS ships but ‘Taejinkook’ really puts us in our feels with their soft and beautiful visuals! For those that may not be familiar with this trio, here are the three members!




This visual trio is honestly too much for any ARMYs heart to handle! They can go from charismatic…

…to soft in a matter of seconds!

1. Maknae love

2. Visuals on visuals on visuals

3. Is it just me or is it hot in here?

4. Three soft babies

5. ‘Taejinkook’ brothers

6. Visual explosion

7. They’re too soft for our hearts to handle

8. Thank you for visiting ‘Taejinkook’!

We will leave you with these three winking in the cutest way possible!

Source: theqoo