8 Most Terrifying Things That Ever Happened To TWICE Members

The TWICE members have been caught on camera completely terrified, for a lot of different reasons!

The TWICE members are known for their cute reactions, but sometimes they get scared out of their minds, due to real dangerous situations or silly pranks. Either way, they’ve been in some terrifying situations. Check out some of the scariest things that ever happened to TWICE members.


1. Jeongyeon got kicked by a horse

Jeongyeon was petrified and then in a lot of pain when she was kicked while shooting Law of the Jungle. The dangerous accident happened when another contestant’s horse kicked at Jeongyeon’s, making her own horse react suddenly. You can imagine how terrifying that moment would have been!


2. Momo almost fell off the stage

During a rehearsal, Momo’s foot almost slipped off the side of the stage. She almost fell, but Nayeon rushed to her rescue. Momo was so startled she stopped dancing to clutch her heart. It could have been a bad accident!


3. Sana was startled by popcorn

During a live broadcast, Sana and Momo decided to try making popcorn using the heat from a hair straightener. It worked, but the sudden pop scared Sana out of her mind, and her reaction is priceless!


4. Momo pranked the other members and it was legit terrifying

The girls are all terrified of ghosts, and Momo really scares them with this prank, after she herself is scared! Jeongyeon and Sana jump and scream, running away from the ghost who is following them. Jihyo and Dahyun are also scared when the ghost comes up behind them – Jihyo jumps a mile just because of Dahyun’s reaction, she hasn’t even seen the ghost yet!


5. Momo is scared of heights

While filming Carefree Traveller in Vietnam, the TWICE members went in a cable car – and the entire time Momo was petrified, because she’s terrified of heights. Every time the cable car rattled, she screamed and clutched onto Mina the whole time. The guide with them pretended to be okay, but he was scared as well!


6. Nayeon was grabbed by a fan

As the TWICE members were leaving the airport, a fan used excessive physical contact and grabbed Nayeon’s arm as she was trying to get through the crowd. Although the fan didn’t try to stop her moving, Nayeon does notice and seems to walk away faster. It must have been a harrowing experience but she handled it well.


7. Sana and Momo saw ghosts

Sana told a story about how she was terrified when she was a trainee because she thought she saw a fellow trainee in the practice room, but when she looked again there was no one there. Then Momo screamed because she saw the bottom half of a body sitting on a chair! The next day the girls both saw a bag close by itself on the other side of the room and were completely terrified.


8. The girls were startled by fireworks

At the end of the 2016 DMC Festival, fireworks startled the TWICE members and they each reacted in different ways. Nayeon and Momo are the most frightened, and cling to each other until the fireworks finish erupting. Sana too is initially very scared at the sudden noise!