8 Things K-Pop From K-Pop History Fans Don’t Like To Talk About

Why can’t we stop thinking about these?

In K-Pop there are some topics that are a bit hush-hush. But to any fan that was around when these topics first came into the light, the moments have stayed in their memory forever. These moments may often be labeled as “we don’t talk about that” but once you know about them, you won’t ever be able to stop thinking about them.


1. Girl’s Day’s debut styles that forever haunt Minah

Girl’s Day debuted in 2010 with their bop “Tilt My Head”. Unfortunately, their debut styling was a little on the odd side. The memory of this moment seems to be particularly embarrassing for Minah since fans can recall her screams of embarrassment when she was presented with footage of it.


2. Some other debut styles that will always stick with us

Everyone loves RM but fans, and not even RM himself, are quite sure what to make of his debut hairstyle.


Of course, there’s also the colorful suits B1A4 wore…and fans were glad when they eventually ditched them.


The interesting makeup choice used in VIXX‘s “Hyde” still has some fans scratching their heads.


3. The year 2014

The year 2014 is a year full of painful memories for K-Pop fans. It was the year that Ladies’ Code had their tragic accident, Jessica Jung left Girls’ Generation, and a number of different lawsuits among others. Let’s just say that when you start thinking about all the things that happen in 2014, you’ll definitely feel sad.


4. 4MINUTE’s “Milkshake” cover

4MINUTE once covered “Milkshake” during a radio show and received a ton of criticism for their performance.


They didn’t let that bother them and gave a second performance of the song in public but fans still keep both performances on the down low to prevent any more negative attention to the girls.


5. The family song

This performance was part of a CF for school wear and was a collaboration between GFRIEND and BTS. While it’s undeniably cute, fans have also said that it’s a tad bit cringy. And it also doesn’t help that for the longest time, international fans had no clue what the CF was actually supposed to be for!


6. J.Y. Park’s plastic pants

Okay, so we know we already mentioned fashion a couple of times but these pants will forever live on in K-Pop history!


7. “Dibidibidis my name is Minho.”

Back in the day, some critics thought this line wasn’t very good even though fans fell in love with it. But ever since the group worked it into an SNL skit it’s become one of the most iconic lines in K-Pop history and loved by all!


8. “YouTube is my best friend.”

When Girls’ Generation won the best video of the year at YouTube’s first YouTube Music Awards, Tiffany was the only member of the group to attend the event. Maybe it was the shock from the event but she said these words that have gone down in K-Pop history.