8 Things You Never Knew About About BTS Jungkook, That Will Leave You Crying

Grab the tissues, it’s about to get emotional in here.

Jungkook, aka the Golden Maknae of BTS, is generally quiet and usually calm (although he can be silly!), but there’s another side to him that he rarely shares. He’s caring, sincere, and extremely humble, and when he gets serious and opens up about his hardships or worries, he really will make you cry! Here are some things you might not have known about Jungkook that will hit you in the feels.

1. He was really lonely when he moved to Seoul

He told Kang Ho Dong on JBTC’Give Me A Meal that he has trouble opening up to people because he spent his adolescence alone in Seoul as a trainee. Kang Ho Dong seemed to understand, saying, “It’s all because you had to start being out in society at an early age.”

2. He feels like he wears a mask

On the same broadcast, Jungkook explained that because he was always alone, now when he meets people he feels like he isn’t sincere around them.

When I meet people for the first time, it feels to me like I don’t treat them honestly. It feels like there’s a wall between us. It’s supposed to be that you connect with people’s hearts, but all I do is ask myself, ‘What should I do to befriend this person?’ or ‘What should I do to make this person like me?’. I can’t help but feel that I wear a mask around people.

— Jungkook

Kang Ho Dong comforted Jungkook by saying it wasn’t a bad thing that he could adapt to the people around him.

3. He doesn’t open up about his feelings, but shows them with actions

He shows how much he cares for his hyungs by helping them, worrying about them and being there for them, even if he doesn’t talk about his feelings much.

4. He cries really easily when talking, but can listen without crying

Jungkook explained the reason he started crying at the end of BTS’s first concert when he thanked the fans was that he can’t control his feelings when he talks.

He said during a radio show, “I’m okay when I listen, but I can’t control my feelings when I talk.” Knowing Jungkook doesn’t like to open up, it somehow made his heartbreaking speech even more heartbreaking.

5. His worries are not for himself

RM explained that the first time he ever saw Jungkook cry was when Jungkook started talking about how hard it was for him to see his hyungs having a hard time.

6. He still remembers where he came from

On his 19th birthday, during an interview, he didn’t hesitate when asked who he would like to thank. He said, “My parents of course. I think I have to tell my parents that I’m thankful over all other people. Mom, dad, I love you.” Awww!

7. He pushes himself to the limit

When he almost fainted due to exhaustion during the “Wings” tour, he blamed himself for “overestimating” his abilities.

RM said Jungkook never shows his exhaustion so it came as a surprise that he almost collapsed. Jungkook keeps pushing himself and never shows when he’s hurting for the sake of the band and its members.

8. Jungkook is super sweet to fans

His sincere personality shines when he is interacting with fans at signing events.

When a fan started crying in front of him, his attempts to cheer her up melted hearts!