8 Things You Probably Forgot Happened in K-Pop in 2008

Ten years have passed, but some unforgettable things happened in K-Pop in 2008.

2008 was a massive year for K-Pop, when groups like SHINee, Davichi, and IU made their debut into the music scene, Wonder Girls hit it big and the 5-member TVXQ was at their height, winning 9 awards with their classic “Mirotic”. Here are 8 things you probably forgot happened 10 years ago in Korean entertainment!


1. This BIGBANG parody MV by the Infinite Challenge guys.

BIGBANG released their most popular song to date, “Haru Haru”, which still remains their number one selling single of all-time with over 5.4 million sales. Infinite Challenge cast members filmed a hilarious parody video of the MV, calling themselves BIG BAG. It was so popular that they performed it at their “Me & U” year-end concert.


2. SHINee’s pre-debut showcase was lit.

Before they debuted with their hit song “Replay” later in the year, SHINee showed off their talent dancing to Jennifer Lopez‘s “Run It” and Chris Brown‘s “Do It Well”.


3. Girls’ Generation’s “Kissing You” – and lollipops

Girls’ Generation‘s “Kissing You” era is thought to be one of their most beautiful, when their makeup and costumes were understated and showed off their natural beauty. Bet you forgot they danced with lollipops though, right?


4. Rain’s “Rainism” concept, complete with pink lining and silver gloves.

Rain came back with his sixth album “Rainism” in 2008, with the hit title song becoming one of his most beloved tracks. His concept style was suave and contrast, with live performances including full black suits with colorful linings, or a white suit with a black lining. The song is considered a classic and has been covered by many artists, including BTS.


5. Wonder Girls’s performance of Destiny Child’s “Survivor” happened.

Wonder Girls blew up in 2008, with their hit songs “Tell Me” and “Nobody” climbing the charts. The live version of the song was the first K-pop video ever to hit 50 million views back in 2011, which shows just how popular the Wonder Girls were. Not only that, they nailed their cover of “Survivor” at SBS‘s Gayo Daejun by bringing their own flair.


6. Super Junior’s Sunkist commercials

Super Junior was establishing themselves as CF kings in 2008, with a major campaign for Sunkist‘s “sweetie ade”. Aren’t they cute with their young faces and 00’s hairstyles?

Bonus: They did a joint ad with Girls’ Generation.


7. Lee Hyori’s performance with BIG BANG

Lee Hyori was rocking the scene in 2008, and together with BIGBANG blew the audience away with this joint performance at the Mnet K-Pop Music Festival. Oh, and of course, this was the infamous stage where T.O.P kissed Hyori on the lips.


8. IU performed on stage for the very first time, as a 15-year-old soloist.

IU debuted on Music Core in 2008 with the song “Lost Child”. She said the first thing she heard once she started singing was audience members shouting insults, calling her a pig and asking if she had practiced before coming. Look at her now!