8 Times ASTRO Clowned Each Other While They Were Asleep

Both ASTRO and Arohas are living for these!

ASTRO sure love each other a lot! They have their own ways to express their love for each other and the members surely feel the love even when they’re on the receiving end of pranks, jokes, and whatnot!

One common thing they’ve always done is taking videos of each other when they’re asleep and making sure to share the video with their Arohas! The members look like they can’t do anything about it, and end up just filming other members when they’re asleep to get revenge! It has become a cycle and it has always been ASTRO’s thing!

Here are 8 times ASTRO clowned each other while they were asleep!

1. That time Moonbin fell asleep while watching a video

Rocky managed to take a video of Moonbin sleeping comfortably on his bed after falling asleep while watching video! He must have been tired!

2. When Moonbin posed beside a sleeping JinJin

Moonbin saw JinJin asleep and saw his chance to make fun of the member! He posed playfully beside sleeping JinJin who looks like he’s sleeping well!

3. MJ doesn’t get away!

Moonbin made sure he got a video of his MJ hyung sleeping cutely beside him!

4. The time Sanha started a war

Sanha and Eunwoo‘s relationship is always fun for Arohas to see, being the Tom and Jerry of the group! Sanha was surely looking for a fight when he posted photos of him clowning Eunwoo while he was asleep!

5. Sanha gets his chance too

Eunwoo shot a video of MJ sleeping just because he thought it would be fun!

6. MJ is always the target

That time Rocky made fun of all his members asleep while he was the only one awake! He touched MJ’s lips which caused MJ to wake up in the middle of his sleep!

7. Moonbin doesn’t have it easy

Rocky doesn’t give Moonbin a chance to rest peacefully and made sure to disturb him while he was asleep too!

8. Eunwoo calling his hyung a buffalo

Eunwoo took a video of hjis MJ hyung sleeping and called him a buffalo in the same post! This is tough love indeed!