8 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Served Pure Power Visuals In Red

She’s a powerful goddess!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is super gorgeous and a top fashionista, and fans love her impressive eye for impeccable fashion! Here are X times Jennie exuded pure power vibes in a red outfit, and made us go “hot damn”!

1. Red stage outfit with black thigh-high boots

Jennie kills it in this outfit!


2. Red strapless stage outfit

Jennie pulls off sexy so well!


3. Red top and sheer blouse underneath

Jennie is super gorgeous!


4. Red Chanel sweater

As the “Human Chanel” no one wears this sweater better than Jennie!


5. Red blouse; red, black and white patterned skirt

She looks so pretty in this outfit!


6. Red peplum top and black shorts

Jennie has such a gorgeous figure!


7. Red Dress

Jennie is the queen of fashion!

8. Red Jacket and Matching crop top

She’s the prettiest in this outfit!