8 Times BLACKPINK Members Went Viral Online, For Unexpected Reasons

The BLACKPINK members are as meme-worthy as they are talented.

BLACKPINK‘s talented members have earned their popularity with one hit song after the next, but they have also won fans in more unusual ways…


1. Rosé’s Wobbuffet impression

Rosé went viral after she cutely imitated Wobbuffett, a Pokémon. During a live broadcast, Rosé and Jisoo were chatting about their day when Rosé’s toy Wobbuffett suddenly made an appearance. Rosé imitated Wobbuffett’s sounds and movements. Fans couldn’t get over just how accurate her impression was.


2. Lisa’s Beyoncé dance

This Weekly Idol clip of Lisa showing off her sharp and powerful, freestyle dance moves while dancing to Beyonce’s “Formation” went viral.


3. The “when your friend is weird” meme

Lisa and Jisoo went viral after being featured in a 9gag post. In this video, Lisa dances goofily until Jisoo can’t help joining in. After all, friends who get weird together stay together! This isn’t the only time these two were meme-ed though.


4. Lisa memes

Lisa has become one of the most meme-ed K-Pop idols, and it’s easy to see why.

Her bubbly, fun-loving personality and hilarious facial expressions make her an obvious choice for relatable memes like these. 


5. Lisa’s Chloe impression

Rosé isn’t the only BLACKPINK member who has gone viral for her impressions. During a fun-filled afternoon with Rosé, Lisa made a face that fans immediately recognized.

That face belongs to Chloe, the famous “side eyeing Chloe” meme.

Fans were quick to post about Lisa’s spot-on impersonation and shared pictures of her next to Chloe, jokingly claiming that Lisa is the grown-up version of Chloe.


6. Jisoo, the meme queen

Meme sites love Jisoo just as much as they love Lisa. Jisoo went viral after being featured in a Buzzfeed article about memes.

How can you not meme a face like this?


7. Google Home commercial

BLACKPINK’s hit song “Whistle” gained even more popularity after it was featured in a TV commercial for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics broadcast. In it, figure skaters Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski showed off their moves to “Whistle”. This isn’t the only time a BLACKPINK song whistled its way into your area.


8. BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” on American TV

In addition to the Google Home commercial, “Whistle” also appeared in The Bold Type, season 1 episode 1.

The “As If It’s Your Last” music video played in the background during one of the trailers for the DC movie Justice League. Can you spot the MV? (Hint: 0:44)