8 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Us How To Look Stylish During The Winter

Jennie will be your new fashion inspiration especially during winter!

Winter fashion is all about layering clothes and means getting the chance to wear thick and cozy jackets or coats to keep you warm! It can be a bit tedious to look mix and match clothes to keep you warm, and at the same time look stylish.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie shows us how it’s done and gives you an inspiration for your winter outfits!

1. Turtle necks and rabbit hairbands!

Jennie wore a white turtle neck top under a printed blazer and wrapped a belt over it and looked classy! She made sure to also wear a rabbit hairband while she was at it.

2. Styling beanies

In the airport for her flight, Jennie wore a black top under a white furry coat and wore a black beanie to keep her head warm! She also wore a red earring to give her black and whit ensemble a pop of color!

3. All black

Looking classy as always, Jennie wore an all black outfit to the airport. She wore a black turtle neck top and a black blazer on top of it, and accessorized with her cute purse!

4. Scarves for days!

Jennie wore a denim jacket and a navy blue scarf wrapped around her neck to make sure she’s all cozy!

5. Another all black outfit for the books!

Jennie wore another all black outfit to keep her looking classy! She wore an all black top with black bottoms, and wore a black furry coat over her outfit. She always makes sure to keep things interesting and wore a black belt with a shiny stud right in the middle!

6. Warm and cozy

Jennie looks like an angel in this white long sleeved turtle neck top and a cream colored coat over her shoulder. She looks extra warm in this outfit!

7. Hats are the way to go

Jennie seems to like wearing turtle neck tops during the winter, as she is spotted wearing another one in this ensemble again! She wears a jacket and a long coat over her outfit. She also wore a hat making her look more classy!

8. Cutely cozy

Jennie looks cutely cozy in her all denim outfit and bear themed head wear!