8 Times BTS’s Jin Showed His Adoration For His Son, RJ

Jin is the best dad ever!

BTS‘s Jin created RJ and put him into life as part of their collaboration with LINE FRIENDS for BT21.

Jin ended up loving the character he created so much! It feels as if he became Jin’s not-so-imaginary son, and ARMYs are loving every sweet gesture Jin does for his son!

Here are 8 times Jin showed his love for RJ!

1. When he wore some RJ merch!

Jin showed his undying support for his son and wore some merch inspired by his own son! He looks absolutely cute in this headband with two little RJs on his head!

2. When he became a proud dad!

Jin opened up his luggage just to get RJ and show it everyone! He has a big smile plastered on his face, showing that he is genuinely proud and excited that he brought his son with him!

3. When he made sure RJ was comfortable

Jin made sure his son felt comfortable and at ease when travelling, so he made him sit cutely beside him to make RJ feel safe since his dad is just beside him!

4. When he saved his son

Jungkook was enjoying his time playing with RJ, and Jin made sure to protect his son from him and saved him when Jungkook hurt him!

5. Spoiling his son with his warm hugs

Jin likes and enjoys spoiling his son with his warm hugs making sure that RJ is always feeling loved by him!

6. That time he brought his son to the red carpet

Jin made sure to bring RJ along to the Billboard Music Awards red carpet and made it a point that he gets a bit of spotlight!

7. When he didn’t hesitate to spend money

While in the airport, Jin saw an RJ stuffed toy and bought it right away! He didn’t think twice about purchasing more merch of his son!

8. Bringing him to travels

Jin makes sure to bring RJ with him on his overseas schedules to keep the separation anxiety away!