8 Times BTS Jungkook’s Waist Looked Almost Too Snatched To Be Real

#6 is just too sexy!

BTS‘s Jungkook is known not only for his talent but his stunning visuals as well. The artist has no problem showing off his hard-earned body, and fans have enjoyed seeing his physique, especially his tiny waist.

Here is eight times Jungkook’s waist looked almost too snatched to be real.

1. The New Calvin Klein Ad

| Calvin Klein

What better place than an ad for underwear?



2. Waist chains only make it better.

They really make his waist look that much more snatched!


3. Corsets were made for him.

Thank you, “Black Swan,” for giving us this corset look!

4. This performance was everything…

…and the multiple shots of this moment are too!

5. Jungkook looks so good in jeans.

Well, he does!

6. The side view is just as stunning as the front.

7. Baggy Clothes + Belt is a common look for Jungkook

It totally fits his style.

| GQ

8. Even without revealing skin…

…his incredible shape will find a way to be seen.