8 Times BTS Predicted Their Fame… Completely By Accident

BTS isn’t just talented…they’re psychic.

When BTS was first starting out, they had no idea that many of their lofty hopes and dreams would come true. Over the past 5 years, there were moments when the members unwittingly predicted their own success. Some of their predictions are so dead-on that’s it’s almost spooky!


1. When V predicted BTS’s No.1 Billboard win

On BTS’s 2014 reality show, American Hustle Life, V called Billboard‘s number one spot “really different” while talking about coach Coolio‘s success. Four years later, BTS topped the charts themselves when Love Yourself: Tear debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.


2. “Next up is Billboard”

Suga (aka Agust D) also predicted BTS’s chart-topping success. In his 2016 single “Agust D”, the claimed that BTS would conquer Billboard…and they did.


3. The Rise of Bangtan

The entire “The Rise of Bangtan” song is one big prophetic prediction, but these lyrics are especially telling: “climbing to the top is a matter of time / the first block of the dominos has been pushed down”. Once they debuted, BTS knocked down obstacle after obstacle until they finally achieved the worldwide success “The Rise of Bangtan” prophesied.


3. “Let’s go destroy the music world!”

RM made this proclamation on Rookie King, BTS’s debut reality show. This “God of Destruction” declared that he and his members would no longer destroy inanimate objects. Instead they would destroy the music world with their success.


4. “I will conquer the music industry”

RM made the same prediction in BTS’s debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool, which features a hidden skit called “Skit: On the Start Line”. In it, RM says, “once I debut, I will conquer the music industry”.


5. When Suga predicted BTS’s BBMA performance

According to A.R.M.Y, what Suga wants Suga gets. Not only did Suga predict that BTS would take over the Billboard charts, he also predicted that BTS would perform at the Billboard Music Awards. In 2017, BTS was asked what the next step would be in their careers. In reply, Suga said, “We want to perform [at the] Billboard Music Awards”. BTS performed at the BBMAs in early 2018.


6. Seoul Olympic Stadium

During BTS’s 2015 festa, Suga said that his wish was to see BTS perform at a large venue. Which venue? He jokingly suggested Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. He called his wish “outrageous”, not knowing that they would be performing there three years later. BTS will be performing at the Olympic Stadium on August 25 and 26 this year.


7. “I think this is the beginning.”

Toward the end of BTS’s first festa, each member revealed his thoughts about their debut year and BTS’s future. V said that he felt as though 2013 was the beginning for BTS. He couldn’t have been more right!


8. Cypher Part 2

It seems that some of Suga’s psychic abilities have rubbed off on the rap line’s Cypher series. In BTS’s second cypher, J-Hope raps, The kids who will lead the 21st century Hallyu has started to play”. BTS is now at the forefront of the global K-Pop scene and is paving the way for future groups with each new accomplishment they achieve.


BONUS: Jungkook’s mixtape

During an adorable puppy interview with Buzzfeed Jungkook predicted that he would be the next member to release a mixtape. Will his prediction come true?