8 Times BTS’s Suga Was So Done With Receiving V’s Love And Affection

It’s just tough love!

BTS‘s loves Suga very much and he is very expressive of it! Meanwhile, Suga doesn’t seem too fond of being on the receiving end of it all despite the love he feels towards his member.

Here are 8 times Suga wasn’t up for V’s love and affection!

1. Thanks, but no thanks

During an interview on the red carpet, the members did a relay to answer the some questions starting with V. When he offered his mic for Suga to use to answer, Suga clearly rejected him and brought out his own mic to use!

2. When your expressions don’t match your actions

On the roll call entrance during an award show, BTS showed their playful side as they flashed their beautiful smiles on the camera. One moment to take note here is when V offered his arm to Suga so that they can link it together. Suga was clearly not up for it and he showed his distaste for the gesture while they were walking right in front of the camera! However, despite disliking the action, Suga kept his arm linked to V’s and it is more than enough to see that he loves his fellow member as much!

3. Nope, just nope

While gathered on the stage, V wanted to dance with Suga to hype him up and to simply just play with him! But Suga just wasn’t on his best mood, and outright rejected V! V was even attempting to give his hyung some hugs, but nope, Suga just didn’t want it, at least not right at that moment!

4. Don’t even touch my stuff!

Suga caught V wearing his gloves and although it was too late to reject him, Suga definitely did not look amused when he saw V using items he owned! V just smiled cutely at his hyung and it can be assumed that his cuteness was enough for Suga to forgive him!

5. It’s tough love

During Suga’s live broadcast to communicate with fans on his special day, V made a special appearance and greeted his hyung a happy birthday and made sure to let him know that he loves him. Meanwhile, Suga replied with “thank you.” And so, V asked him, “Why won’t you say it back?” but Suga didn’t respond. V decided to threaten his hyung and told him he won’t leave until Suga says it back, so Suga did say that he loved V back! But V just wanted to cherish the moment, and pretended like he didn’t hear him say it, so he asked, “What did you say?” and Suga said “I love you” without hesitations this time!

6. More episodes about tough love

On a boat in the middle of nowhere, the rest of the BTS members held a video call with V. Jimin told the rest of the members to tell V they love him, and everyone comfortably did, but not Suga. He didn’t obey Jimin’s orders at first, but eventually caved in and said it in the cutest way! He looked away from the phone and coolly told V that he loved him!

7. Not again

At one of BTS’s concert stops, V wanted to remind Suga that he loved him and decided to show it through what he did best, giving his hyung some hugs! But, no, Suga, again, just wasn’t in for it, his face said it all! He even pushed V, just so he would let him go, but V was all smiles through it all!

8. Okay, but just for today

V randomly held on to Suga’s hand while they were sitting beside each other, and Suga did seem like he didn’t like it, but it also seemed like he did. He gave V a chance to show all his love for him just for that day.

And although Suga always, well, most of the time, rejects V’s expression of love for him, Suga definitely holds his members dear to his heart, and shows his affection for them in his own way!

He does give V a chance every now and then!