8 Times BTS’s Jimin Showered His Members With All His Love

We want Jimin’s hugs too!

BTS‘s Jimin loves his members a lot, and he isn’t shy to show it! He enjoys hugging them and making sure his members know that he cares for them!

Here are 8 times BTS’s Jimin showered his members with all his love!

1. Making sure his members are okay

Jimin makes sure that V is okay, gives him a hug to make him feel better, and doesn’t let go until he has given V all his love.

2. Making his members feel better

Jimin smiles at J-Hope in an attempt to make him smile too and gives him a back hug to make him feel loved.

3. Comforting his members when they’re down

Jimin makes sure that Jungkook feels secured in his love and gives him a giant hug during their performance!

4. Random hugs here and there!

Even when no one seems to need a hug, Jimin is always ready to give his members a lot of them!

5. Just because!

Jimin hugged and unnecessarily jumped on Jin but it’s only to show how much he loves him!

6. Members have asked and they shall receive!

Jimin not hesitating to give his members a hug when they ask him for one!

7. To assure that his members did well.

When members falter, Jimin is always ready to give them a hug and remind them that they are doing well.

8. It’s just his natural playful personality!

Jimin clearly enjoys hugging his members simply because it’s part of his cute and playful personality!