8 Times CHUNGHA Showed Us How To Wear Different Braid Types

She’s tried them all!

CHUNGHA has sported lots of various hairstyles, and one of them are braids. She has worn multiple types of braids that look beautiful and that many want to try out!

Here are 8 times CHUNGHA showed us how braids are supposed to be worn!

1. Dutch braids

CHUNGHA looks adorable with her dutch braids placed at the side!

2. Fishtail braids!

CHUNGHA looks cool in her fishtail braids which she wore over an oversized pullover!

3. Three-part braids!

Perhaps the easiest braid to do out of all the braid types, but CHUNGHA wearing it makes it look more styled up!

4. Three-part side braid!

CHUNGHA goes for a more hiphop look while wearing a three-part braid placed on the side which completely works!

5. Rope Twisted braids!

CHUNGA sports small rope twisted braids to keep her hair away from her beautiful face!

6. Boxer braids!

CHUNGHA looks like a sporty gal in this boxer braids!

7. Three part pony tail braid!

CHUNGHA tries out a new way to wear braids and only wears her three-part braid halfway!

8. Mid-way boxer braids!

She attempts the same unfinished braid with boxer braids this time!

CHUNGHA looks amazing in all of these looks and we are sure she can wear anything and still look beautiful!