8 Times EXO’s Chen Was The Ultimate Professional When Things Went Wrong On Stage

No stage mishap can stop Chen from acing a performance.

When things go wrong on stage, EXO’s Chen knows exactly what to do. Take a look at 8 times he faced unexpected mishaps like the ultimate professional.

1. When he covered up his torn pants

What would you do if your pants ripped in front of thousands of people? Mot people would have freeze in humiliation, but not Chen. When his pants ripped during this performance, he waited until the dance break, then used the distraction to wrap his jacket around his waist.

2. When he insisted on MR

It’s normal for K-Pop idols to use an AR recording for some performances. An AR track includes both the instrumental and the vocal element of the song, allowing singers to preserve their voices or execute tiring choreography. But Chen wanted to make sure his fans heard his real, live vocals during this performance.

After the song was accidentally started with an AR recording, Chen apologized to EXO-Ls and began singing again with the MR track (which only includes the instrumental).

3. When he turned a fall into a somersault

During this performance, Chen got a little over-excited while dancing and unexpectedly fell backwards.

Instead of letting his fall ruin the performance, he turned it into a somersault like it was part of the choreography and carried on like a pro.

4. When he played off another fall

And that wasn’t the only time Chen played off a fall. During this performance of “Growl”, he slipped during a complex part of the choreography, but got straight back on his feet afterwards.

5. When he missed the opening

It’s hard to understand how the technicians on this episode of Music Bank managed to start the song without all the members lined up, but it didn’t faze Chen. Right at the beginning of the performance, you can see him dashing into his spot.

6. When he fixed his audio equipment

Chen fixed his mic pack so smoothly here, it’s almost hard to tell there was even a problem. Here, you can see him grabbing the audio equipment after it fell apart.

Then, he smoothly fixed it while carrying on the “Hey Mama” choreography.

Unfortunately, his mic pack fell a second time during the same performance, but he put it back so effortlessly, most of the audience probably didn’t even notice.

7. When he knocked his mic off

During a vigorous part of his choreography, Chen accidentally shook his mic stand so hard that the microphone flew off onto the stage floor. He was in the middle of a dance break, so he only had a few seconds to pick up the mic before he needed to sing again, but somehow he managed it.

8. When he picked up Suho’s cap

Prior to this performance, Suho had thrown his cap off to the side of the stage. When Chen noticed it laying there, he was probably worried that someone might trip on it. So he quickly grabbed it before it caused an accident.

With nowhere to put the cap, he ended up wearing it on his own head.