8 Times Female Idols Were Caught Ogling GOT7 Members

Really, who can blame them?

1. Sohyun (4MINUTE) got flustered when Jackson showed off his charms on Weekly Idol. 

She couldn’t hide her surprise when Jackson suddenly approached her with his typical sexy swagger.

She told the host she was completely “shocked”, and she couldn’t seem to pull herself together.

Jackson continued to tease her throughout the show, making her even more flustered.


2. Nayeon’s (TWICE) bickering gaze is all for BamBam.

Nayeon and BamBam have been friends for years and have a comfortable, sibling-like relationship.


3. Sana (TWICE) was too embarrassed to look at Mark.

After performing aegyo during a show, Sana couldn’t look Mark in the eyes.

In fact, they both avoided eye contact throughout the show.


4. Irene (Red Velvet) could help sneaking peeks at Jackson during his speech.

The Ice Princess tried to keep her expression frozen while watching Jackson…

…but became shy whenever he looked back at her.

He even made her break out into a bashful smile.


5. Jimin (15&) becomes a little shy whenever JB is around.

Normally, Jimin isn’t all that shy, but this sweet gesture nearly made her blush.

She cutely ducked her head when he patted it…

…and couldn’t quite handle this affectionate stare.


6. Youngji (KARA) can never look at Jackson without smiling.

During their time on Roommate, Youngji was all smiles all the time around Jackson.

These two loved to bicker and play, making it easy for fans to ship them.


7. Jisoo’s (BLACKPINK) eyes were full of hearts when she looked at Jinyoung during this sitdown.

She had trouble concentrating…

…and seemed eager to escape her embarrassment…

…but also seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the moment.


8. Jinyoung charmed Suzy with this classic romantic gesture.

During an episode of I GOT7Suzy had to choose one of the handsome members to be her suitor. It was an impossible task, but Jinyoung’s rose may have taken root in her heart.