8 Times Idols Included Acrobatics In The Choreography Just Because They Can

The skill it takes to do this!

It takes a lot of skill to do gymnastics tricks, such as flips and jumps, and there’s definitely no shortage of skill in K-Pop!

Here’s a list of 8 times idols did impressive gymnastics in the middle of their stage, just because they can.

1. NCT 127

In NCT 127’s choreography for “Firetruck,” Winwin does an aerial out of nowhere! The dancer studied Traditional Chinese Dance, and had a moment to himself to show off his skills here.

Winwin in the “Firetruck” MV. 

2. f(x)

F(x)’s Victoria does a front walkover in the middle of the choreography for their song “Chu~!” It was one of the most iconic parts to the song.

Victoria doing a front walkover.

3. GOT7

GOT7 are known for their on-stage gymnastics, especially members Mark and Jackson who are constantly flexing their athleticism!

Yugyeom, Jackson, Mark, and Bambam. 

The duo can always be found impressing fans with their acrobatics and teamwork!


Can’t talk about crazy stunts on stage without bringing up SPEED, who did multiple flips and tricks —

SPEED performing “Don’t Tease Me.” 

even while wearing Heelys!

SPEED performing “What U.” 

5. 2PM

The pioneers of awesome on-stage acrobatics, 2PM members have done every flip and trick possible throughout their career!

2PM going from a pyramid to a forward roll. 

From forward rolls to walkovers to flips, they’ve done it all!


In a super clever and difficult stunt for “VAVI GIRL,” the members of FANATICS created a jump rope by linking arms, and then member Chiayi does a front walkover three times in a row! 

FANATICS performing “VAVI GIRL.” 

7. Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao is known among K-Pop fans for her beautiful rhythmic gymnastics skills. She has showed off her abilities during the Idol Star Athletics Championships!

Cheng Xiao competing at ISAC. 

In their song “Catch Me,” Cheng Xiao effortlessly does a perfect aerial!


GFRIEND are known throughout the industry for their high-level choreography.

GFRIEND rehearsing “Me Gustas Tu.” 

In their dance for “Me Gustas Tu,” the members perform a sequence where Yuju ducks under Umji by doing a split, and Yerin does a leap over them!