8 Times ITZY’s Ryujin’s Showed Us That We Don’t Have To Sacrifice Comfort For Style

She knows how to get the best of both worlds!

Comfort over style is a common dilemma that many people face when dressing up or when deciding what to wear for the day, but ITZY‘s Ryujin shows us that we can have the best of both worlds!

Here are 8 times ITZY’s Ryujin showed us how comfort can still be felt while still looking good!

1. Denim is the way to go!

Ryujin showed us that you can never go wrong with a denim on denim outfit in this ensemble!

2. Loose outfits!

Ryujin paired a loose top together with a lose bottom and a bucket hat. This outfit shows comfort at its finest, but Ryujin manages to look good even so!

3. Lazy days!

Ryujin showed everyone that she has mastered the art of dressing up well without having to sacrifice comfort in this outfit!

4. Baggy jeans are her staples!

Baggy jeans or pants seem to be a fashion item that Ryujin loves! Ryujin looks comfortable in a cropped hoodie top paired with black baggy jeans, and black sandals.

5. Classy Black

Ryujin looks more put together in this outfit, but still, remain comfortable. She also wears a lot of jewelry and wears a beret for the final look!

6. You can never go wrong in a dress!

Ryujin is caught in action trying to eat her ice cream peacefully in a black dress which she obviously looks good in!

7. Blooming in red!

Ryujin looks good in a red tank top which has fans questioning just how she does it?

8. Simple but timeless!

Ryujin sports a timeless outfit in a plain white top and good old blue jeans and wears a printed jacket over the outfit to keep her look more classy!