8 Times Korean Actors Risked Their Lives On Camera

In the entertainment industry, it’s a common practice for stunt doubles to perform dangerous scenes.  However, some actors are so brave and dedicated to their roles that they said goodbye to the stunt doubles and performed these scenes themselves.

1. Lee Jun Ki – Joseon Gunman

Lee Jun Ki is not afraid to perform his own stunts, no matter how dangerous they are. This 35-year-old actor has performed countless dangerous stunts.

His role in Joseon Gunman saw him washed away by an incredibly strong current, surrounded by sharp rocks hiding underwater, it’s a miracle he didn’t injury himself.

2. Gong Yoo – The Suspect

Gong Yoo has acted in several popular projects making him a top Hallyu Star. But while most people know his roles, they may not know how brave he is in many of them. Performing all his own stunts, he won’t let anything get in the way of that perfect take.

This one particular stunt in 2013’s The Suspect took a whopping 12 tries!

3. Hyun Bin – Confidential Assignment

One word that comes to mind when thinking of Hyun Bin is simply “cool”- so cool and fearless in fact that he does his own stunt scenes. Performing stunts is not easy by any means, but he somehow makes even this look effortless.

4. Lee Minho – City Hunter

Lee Minho is in the spotlight so much that there are very few things about him that are not known. However, one thing is that he’s actually gotten injuries from performing his own stunts! Now that’s someone dedicated to performing their role.

Just watching the force of these fight scenes in City Hunter shows that Minho is not afraid of getting hurt if it means filming the perfect scene.

5. EXO’s D.O. – It’s Okay, That’s Love

For many, making the transition from idol to actor is already difficult enough, but EXO’s D.O also took on the extra pressure of putting himself in dangerous situations while filming! For his role in SBS‘s 2014 drama, It’s Okay, That’s Love, he comes within 1 inch of serious injury!

6. Park Shin Hye – Doctors

Park Shin Hye is also not afraid to perform her own action scenes and this moment from SBS’s 2016 drama Doctors proves it. She’s seen literally backflipping off of someone in this hectic, exciting scene!

7. Jeon Ji Hyun – The Thieves

Jeon Ji Hyun made her mark for her incredible acting skills over the span of her 20-year career and has become known for her high action roles in movies like Blood: The Last Vampire.

It makes complete sense that this fearless actress performs her own stunts, and just seeing how unphased she is jumping from building to building for this scene in The Thieves proves these dangerous scenes have become just another day at the office.

8. Ha Ji Won – Secret Garden

The talented actress Han Ji Won always performs her own stunts no matter how dangerous they may be.  She is truly fearless and incredibly dedicated to her roles. These sword fighting scenes in Secret Garden really show she isn’t afraid of anything.