8 Times Male Idols Fanboyed Over MONSTA X

Who could blame them? They’re pretty beastly.

MONSTA X is known for their powerful performances and beastly bodies, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re popular among male idols. Here are a few memorable fanboys.


1. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

The close relationship between MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN isn’t a secret. So, Seungkwan‘s dramatic twist on Joohoney‘s rap in “Rush” is hilarious.

2. SF9

As soon as MONSTA X’s “Beautiful” comes on during SF9‘s car ride, the members begin to sing along, even managing to know all the words to Joohoney’s fast-paced rap.

3. ASTRO’s Moonbin

When thinking of MONSTA X, Moonbin immediately recalls the signature move of “Dramarama”. He then reveals that he believes MONSTA X to be very cool guys.

4. DAY6

During a quick interview, they explained that they were awed by MONSTA X’s choreography for “Beautiful”, especially the part where they took off their jackets.

5. IN2IT

The members were asked what they liked most about Wonho and they shared that he had a cute personality that was separate from his stage presence. But, they thought all the MONSTA X members were cool.


The members had a discussion about how impressed they were by watching MONSTA X perform live. They said they’d learned a lot from their sunbaes and even sang and danced to “Shoot Out”.

7. VICTON’s Seungsik

Before mentioning how cool he thought MONSTA X was, he mimics the intro of MONSTA X’s “Shoot Out” and happily sings along to the song.

8. KARD’s BM

During a Vlive, he praised Wonho for having huge pectoral muscles and explained how awed he’d been at seeing Wonho at the gym.

It seems like MONSTA X has a lot of fanboys, and who could blame them?