8 Times NCT 127’s Jaehyun Became Everyone’s Dream Boyfriend

Go on 8 dates with Jaehyun!

When an idol looks “boyfriend material” in a certain photo, the picture is labeled as a “boyfriend picture.”

“Boyfriend pictures” are quite famous among K-Pop fans. It allows fans to feel heart-fluttering feelings and it drives their imagination.

NCT 127‘s Jaehyun is one of the famous idols who always manages to look like a “boyfriend” in every single photo! Fans’ hearts are always dancing because of him!

Here are 8 times Jaehyun became everyone’s dream boyfriend!

1. Date on the beach!

This photo makes the viewer feel like they’re taking a romantic stroll with Jaehyun on the beach while the sun is setting!

2. Lunch date!

Jaehyun looks handsome as he is about to take a bite of his meal on his lunch date with you!

3. A date in the park!

This photo gives similar feelings of going on a date with Jaehyun in the park!

4. A date at home!

This photo of Jaehyun adorably eating makes the viewers feel like they visited the idol in his home and brought some food for him to enjoy while you spend time together!

5. Café date!

Jaehyun makes sure to read the menu to order some good food you two can enjoy!

6. Late night stroll!

Jaehyun looks like a prince in this photo as he poses for you while taking a late night stroll!

7. Something more formal!

This photo gives off feelings as going on a more formal date with Jaehyun as he picks you up looking handsome as ever in his suit!

8. Dinner date!

Jaehyun looks ethereal in this photo as he makes viewers feel like they’re on a dinner date with him!

The idol definitely shows his versatility in terms of concept and proves that he is literally everyone’s dream boyfriend for every season!