8 Times Photos Proved That TWICE’s Dahyun Is A Real Life Angel

These photos really prove something!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is surely one of the top visuals among the sea of good looking female idols. She stands out because of her charming personality, signature monolids, great stage presence, and undeniable cuteness! She is always glowing on stage, which gives her a halo effect just like an angel! Here are 10+ times photos proved that Dahyun is indeed a real life angel!

1. Pretty in baby blue

Dahyun is sporting a baby blue colored see through top! She looks gorgeous with her light make up and blonde hair, too, and she is shining on stage as always!

2. Smiles that can light up the whole arena

Dahyun is snapped blowing her fans a kiss sweetly and happily where she looks glowing because of extreme happiness to be with ONCEs again!

3. Blue hair

Dahyun in ash blue hair was probably one of the most iconic looks she’s ever had. The color complimented her skin and gave her a different kind of glow especially when she was on stage!

4. Sparkly outfits

Sparkly stage outfits accented Dahyun’s natural glow and definitely made her shine brighter! The gold top she was wearing complimented her skin and her blonde hair and made her shine more than usual! Add that smile and she can definitely light up a whole town!

5. When she dressed up as one

Dahyun looked even more like a real angel when she wore a headband with a halo at one of their concert stops. She looked great in it which shows that she most likely is a real angel!

6. She just needs to smile

Dahyun can just smile, or stand still, even and fans will still think that she’s a real life angel! It takes little to no effort to prove herself!

7. Sparkly make-up

Dahyun stepp!d up her game when she wore a sparkly outfit, plus, cute little studs on her eye make up that enhanced her visuals! The studs may be little, but the effect they have on her is noticeable!

8. When she dressed up as one, part 2

Dahyun wow-ed everyone with her beauty when she walked the stage with her fellow members in all white and angel wings! Her eyes looked brighter than usual and her skin glowing as always! She wore pearl earrings which made her face appear brighter, too!